Children and Youth

Message from the Director of Religious Education, Jan Fitzgerald

We are excited to have your children and youth in our Religious Education Program. We treasure these children and youth here and feel honored that you have enrolled them in our program.  This program is designed to support children and youth in their continuing spiritual growth and development within the context of learning. Beginning with our youngest children we encourage a search for personal worth, awareness of social justice, a sense of belonging to the church community and deep appreciation and gratitude for the wonders of life. As our children progress through the program we introduce them to the history of the human quest for meaning, the responsibilities of membership in the world beyond our doors, and an understanding of the seven principles.  Children and youth learn about our UU history and the women and men who have exemplified our faith and principles.  They study world religions in order to grow in tolerance and in appreciation of the beliefs and cultural diversity of others.  They learn about their own roots in the Judeo-Christian heritage that so thoroughly informs our Western culture.

Above all, we honor the worth and dignity, the uniqueness and the infinite potential in each one of them.  As a community, we commit ourselves to nurturing the growth of our children and youth, and we celebrate them as important members of our church community.

Please let me know if you have any questions: or 952.884.8956.

Jan Fitzgerald

Sunday Morning Routine at MVUUF

9:15am – Children care for parents involved in early morning activities

10:30am – Nursery Care

In-Gathering Children in grades 1-6 attend the first 15 minutes of church once a month.  On other Sundays they regularly gather in the In-gathering from 10:30 – 10:45. They begin with a chalice lighting, and then celebrate religious and seasonal themes through song, story and discussion.  This is a special time for children to develop social skills, appreciate the power of ritual, and experience belonging to their own religious community.

Regular Sunday Morning Classes – Preschool through elementary school children

Junior and Senior High Youth Groups – Senior High Youth group is lead by the Youth Director

About the Program

The philosophy of our Religious Education Program at Minnesota Valley UU Fellowship is to give our children the tools . . .

  • To live spiritually,
  • To live justly, and
  • To live with purpose in the world.

We want our program to encourage children and youth to make their own decisions and to think their own thoughts, to nurture in them a search for truth, a respect for all people, and a wonder for the universe. Sunday morning groups for children follow nine-month-long curricular resources that introduce important religious topics through story, discussion, crafts and other activities. Adult volunteers, committed to our children and Unitarian Universalism, lead each group. Sunday morning classes and activities for each age group, K-6, begin at 10:30 a.m. Other special events take place throughout the year. If you are visiting, ask a greeter how to find the age-appropriate classroom for your child. Parents are always welcome in their child’s classroom.

For our youngest: infants and toddlers

The church community can be a first place for children to feel “at home” outside their home. Therefore, a Sunday morning should be a safe and positive experience for your child. If you have any concerns about allergies or other food-related problems, please let the staff know. For some children, separation from their parents is a difficult and anxious event. If your child is young or new to the program, you are invited to spend all or part of your first sessions with your child. This gentle settling in also allows you to meet your child’s teachers and other parents.