Who We Are

As Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalists we:

Rejoice in Life

We honor and celebrate life in all its beauty and complexity. As we pass through life, we support one another with our caring presence.

Find the Sacred

We encourage open dialogue on questions of faith, life and spirituality. We affirm spiritual exploration, personal experience and reason as ways of finding truth. We call it a religious journey.

Seek Justice

We are committed to action, not complacency, because we recognize the inherent worth and dignity of all people. We know that to be truly religious we must work for social justice both at home and abroad. With open minds and hearts, we are challenged as Unitarian Universalists to look at life through the eyes of others, to recognize barriers to equality and to listen to new ideas with respect, open minds and open hearts.

Our Members

We come from Bloomington and beyond, representing many communities. Our congregation consists of people of all ages, from the very young to the well-seasoned in life and different sexual orientations. We hold a mix of religious beliefs, a factor we consider one of our strengths.

What We Do

Social Action

We strive to live our values and principles through action. From special Sunday Collections, education on issues, to rolling up our sleeves and getting sweaty, we are proud of the impact of our outreach activities on our community, nation and the world. 

Sunday Services

We worship with music, song, candles, laughter, and thoughtfulness. Each Sunday we light a chalice, express joys and sorrows, share meaningful music, and reflect on the message of the sermon. Whether the service is led by our minister, a layperson, or a guest speaker, our services seek to teach us, amuse us, prod us, and ground us in our UU traditions and values.

Religious Education for Our Children and Youth

We pass our tradition on to future generations in many ways. Our children are taught with religious education materials developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association. They become well grounded in Unitarian Universalism and develop an understanding of all the world’s major religions. Our children are an integral part of the life of the congregation.

Adult Enrichment

We offer a variety of adult enrichment activities, which include book discussion groups, meditation, philosophical and spiritual discussions, writing groups, small groups, men’s group, woman’s group and more. 

Green Sanctuary

In 2008 MVUUF earned The Green Sanctuary designation from Unitarian Universalist Association. MVUUF seeks to stimulate dialog on the theological, spiritual, and ethical aspects of human activities that affect the health and sustainability of the living earth, and to promote and support practices and activities consistent with these ideals. 

Social Activities

At MVUUF we have fun together — we sing, converse, eat together, play games and perform plays, hold concerts, picnics, drink root beer floats, and volunteer our time and skills to support the life of the church. Visit our online newsletter for current activities.

We Value

  • Each other.
  • Our country’s ideals of inclusion and respect for people of all backgrounds.
  • Intellectual freedom for all.
  • A livable planet for all living creatures.
  • Intellectual freedom for all people.
  • Social consciences, as individuals and as a congregation.
  • Advocacy for peaceful and just solutions to conflicts and violence in our neighborhoods, our country and throughout the world.
  • The quest for spirituality within our congregation.
  • The growth and development of our children and our families.
  • A spirit of compassion, generosity and caring that informs and guides our actions as a Fellowship.